Author: Yurii Vlasiuk (Developer)


I want to explain the usage of this post in common use cases:

Of course in all of these cases, the…

Author: Yurii Vlasiuk (Developer)


This reading is about a task which our team had on one of our projects. The main goal was next: we have some video with real people, and faces on it should be blurred to make not possible recognize any person on it. Today there are numerous different tools and APIs which can do it for you. Google and Amazon already have ready-made solutions. But they need to be paid and also our task was a bit more complicated because it included video processing. …

Author: Yaroslav Rozum (Developer)


Docker is a software platform designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers and one of the most required and great technologies in the world of modern development. So, we run almost all of our projects through it.

Our business task for the smart home project was to run as many Docker containers as possible on an embedded device (Raspberry Pi / Orange Pi), the problem is that usually, standard Docker images has really big size ~600 MB and the average size of our images was reaching over than 700…

Author: Vira Rodionova (React Native Developer)

Hi! This post describes Facebook’s authentication process in a React Native mobile application.

The purposes of this post are: providing a step-by-step tutorial about Facebook authentication connection to the React Native application, a description of the process of interacting with the server, some of the pitfalls on the way and my groundwork about the case.

However, before starting, let’s consider a diagram of the mobile application interaction with Facebook services. It will allow us to understand why we perform particular actions.

Author: Bohdan Tertychnyi

By this article, I’d like to provide you with a checklist that will help you to test your product better and discover it more in-depth.
Things that I will describe here are really important to understand at least at primary level, no matter who you are: developer, QA engineer, project manager or even customer.

We will check the following 10 options:

0. Note

In this checklist, we will use Google Chrome capabilities a lot, especially Google Chrome DevTools — a beneficial instrument that helps…

Author: Roman Pukhliy

The job of each developer is the constant occurrence of problems and the search for their solutions. The speed of solving problem depends on the knowledge, skills and abilities to work in the development environment.

However, we should not forget about the ability to search for those solutions. When you click on the first link in the Google search results, we can get a correct answer in 90% of cases. Here we must admit with confidence that almost all the problems have already been solved before. …

This post is not a tutorial. There are enough of them on the Internet. It is always more interesting to look at a real production app. A lot of tutorials and boilerplates show how to write isomorphic ReactJS applications, but they do not cover a lot of real-life problems we’ve faced in production. So we decided to share our experience at GitHub and develop the app in a public repo. Here is the running app and here is its code.

IMPORTANT: This is the real-world application, so it is always evolving. Our goal is to make working product within a…

Author: Yurii Vlasiuk

This will be really short reading about how to get a working word2vec model using NodeJS.

In one of the projects, I’ve made in WebbyLab, we had a deal with ML and NLP processing. The main goal was to implement intellectual searches in medical articles. This means not just a simple text match but words similar by meaning. For example, we enter “cancer” and receive “melanoma”, “tumor” etc. Or also perform the search with relations, e.g. …

The concept of the blockchain is most often mentioned along with the topic of crypto-currency, although it can find a much wider application. Why? Let us try to discover it. In fact, a blockchain is a certain distributed database that interacts with a dynamic list of ordered records. The main idea is that existing records cannot be modified and new ones require a specific verification to be accepted. The most popular blockchain implementations were created for Bitcoin and Ethereum. The blockchain is closely related to e-money transfers and crypto-currency transactions, smart contracts, supply chain logistics, etc.

From the technical point…

Author: Yurii Vlasiuk

Today we want to share our experience of implementing the backend tool for the generation of graphical banners from HTML templates. WebbyLab’s customer was interested in automation of advertisement banners customisation based on the prepared templates. Basically, you have an index.html with fields where you can insert different components e.g. buttons, images or text. So I will tell about approaches we’ve used to implement such functionality. For our project we chose PhantomJS. You may argue that there are more innovative solutions in the npm repository. But when we started, none of these libraries was stable or well…


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